Empowering Creator DAO through Web3.0.

Our mission is to create the world with full of creative people and enrich their lives in the era of Web3.0. What we do is designing lives of people by combining blockchain technology, UX design, and the wisdom of creators.
Creation is the work to visualize invisible values in tangible format as the output of imagination. By empowering the great creativity and influence of creators, we support to produce unforgettable experiences, and inspiring services.
We will provide value that will change people’s lives and transform this world into a better place. That is the foundation of innovation and we are here to make it.



Web3.0 Service Development

We are creating infrastructure for Web3.0 that helps to build DAO, community and produce NFTs.


Application Development

Developing all kinds of application services including iOS, Android, Web App, and Dapps. (Blockchain Application)


Blockchain Consulting

We offer business & technical consulting services for those who needs the support to accelerate their business by using blockchain. Converting current application/services into blockchain, or building NFT shop/platform, or brainstorming how blockchain can be used for your business? Our team of expert will run together for your success.

We are engaged in blockchain / Web3.0 and empowering creator DAO & token economy.
Tasuku Matsukura
Chief Executive Officer
Ryuichi Kawasaki
Product Manager
Rezwan Kabir
Blockchain Tech Lead
Hasnaeen Ferdous
Blockchain Infra Architect
Subash Chandra Bose
Blockchain Engineer
Long Nguyen Tien
Application Tech Lead
Moniruzzaman Monir
Senior Backend Engineer
Muhammad Rifat
UI/UX Designer
Md. Tanzil Islam
Frontend Engineer
Be Creative, Act Courageously
As a startup, there is no value if we become follower of others. Not to be bound with stereotype, but always think beyond what’s out there. Have a flexibility of mind with brave soul and taking an action is crucial. Don’t be afraid for the change or break what you already have built as long as it leads to open the best solution.
UX Driven
The product we make should never be delivered by our ego, but to change our user’s lifestyle better. Always listen, observe what our users are facing, and provide the best user experience that makes them even not to be able to come back what it used to be because of comfortableness we provide. That’s how we innovate people’s life.
Whatever it Takes
Knowledge, experience, intelligence are important. However, those may not always work when it comes to new challenge. The most important thing in startup is to think through your own brain in the circumstances of VUCA (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, Ambiguity) and make it happen with whatever it takes.
Various Professionals
“Difference” is treasure. We know the great impact is made when each one of professionals bring their expertise from different angles. We also know what we can and what we cannot. Always know your current stage, respect and learn from each other. Stay humble & keep learning, and innovating.
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Company Name
July 11, 2019
4-1-25-505 Kamimeguro, Meguro-ku, Tokyo
Representative Director CEO
Tasuku Matsukura
10,000,000 yen
List of Business
  • Web3.0 service development utilizing Blockchain.
  • Building DAO, establish the community and produce.
  • Application Development includes Dapps, Web/Mobile Apps.
  • Plan, Design, Develop, Issue NFT and support its platform establishment
  • Management & Technology consulting
Mizuho Bank, Sumishin SBI Net Bank, Rakuten Bank
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